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Run of the mill financial services marketing got you down?

We think differently.

Clichés / Canned Imagery / Canned Thinking
Canned Copy / Lip Service / Cookie Cutters
Slow Service / No Service / Attrition / Undifferentiated
Inexperienced / Same Old Same Old / Bull#$%$
Experience / U-HNW / Originality / Listening
Fresh / Know-How / Attention
Just-For-You / Breakthrough / Getting Noticed
Unfair Advantage / Unique / Results

We are different.

The only way for financial services firms to survive in today's tough marketplace is not just to be different, but to market themselves differently. That's the thinking that gave birth to The Rudin Group – a financial services marketing consultancy that delivers a difference.


We work differently.

We're small when we need to be and global when you need reach, expertise and experience. We'll complement your existing teams or act as a one-stop shop for virtually any of your communications needs. We're strategic thinkers when it's time to think. And we're great “doers” when it's time to rock and roll.


You will love your content. And so will your clients.

Content exists to drive results. Our teams consist of former financial services journalists and experts – we know how to get to the core of your story – and how to amplify it. Whether long or short, a white paper or a tweet, video, graphics, or a website – we create content that reflects your brand.


We have chutzpah.

In a time of near-universal marketing white bread, the Rudin Group has flavor. We find your voice. We accentuate your advantages. The average consumer sees 10,000 messages a day and remembers about two. We'll bet you remember us.


You can be a thought leader.

Besides thoughts, a thought leader needs three things:

  1. To break through.
  2. To be visible.
  3. To keep it going.

Our process creates all three. We build a plan that puts your thought leadership in the lead.


There's a lot in it for you.

Whatever you need – including things you never thought of – that's what we do.


We are experienced.

You could settle for the B team. Or the C team. Or whatever team has availability. Or you could work with The Rudin Group. Fast, fresh and full of wisdom, we know the difference between an IRA and an RIA. Our experience is unmatched. From mass affluent to most affluent, asset management to insurance, wealth management to wealthtech and fin to fintech, the list goes on. Here's just a sample.

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You should meet us.

April's a top influencer according to LinkedIn, Twitter and her two sons. A writer and a thinker whose work appears in Forbes, Huff Post, American Banker and more. On numerous advisory boards and a frequent awards judge. April kicks doors open in the wealth and financial space - and can do it for you. (Oh, and you should also meet Dana, Kara and John.)

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John, April, and Rob

We have thoughts.

We know this industry and we're not afraid to share our own thoughts about it. Here's a bit of what we've been talking about lately.

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If your brand needs a refresh or your team needs an extra pair of hands, get in touch. We love to talk shop.

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