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Because millennial is not an age; it's a mindset

The stats tell the story: 64% of High Net Worth (HNW) individuals expect their future wealth-management relationship to be digital; so much so, that nearly two-thirds would replace their current firm unless it’s skilled at digital outreach through integrated channels1 So here's the question: What are you doing to ensure that your marketing is crafted precisely, deployed proactively, and targeted to reach the right people at the right time?

Today, it takes an ecosystem

An Engine for Engagement

The Rudin Group Brand Ecosystem

Thought Leadership

We mine your intellectual capital, expertise, know-how and industry knowledge to develop the insights we'll use to differentiate your brand through meaningful content that helps position you as a thought leader.

Content Development

We explore industry trends, market perceptions and the decision drivers that fuel your messaging. We develop modular, compelling, and compliant tools that allow you to attract and engage with your ideal clients and prospects.


Your messaging needs to reach the right people on the right platforms. From HNW individuals to key centers of influence, we create the systems and processes that broadcast and reinforce your message through owned, paid and earned channels, both on and offline.


Here's where metrics count. By mining the back-end analytics, we optimize the program or campaign, continually tweaking and modifying platforms, messaging and design to ensure maximum visibility that drive your clients to action.


The Rudin Group’s Brand Ecosystem gets the conversation started and keeps it going with your target audience: the Babyboomer and NextGen HNW markets. With our unmatched combination of experience, talent, skills and creativity, we'll translate your strategic objectives into real-world results: client acquisition, retention, and increased AUM.

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What we do

- Strategic marketing plans

- Digital marketing plans

- Content/editorial calendars

- PR/Media outreach

- Brochures/sales collateral

- Presentations/webinars

- Brand vision videos

- Social media profiles

- White papers, blogs, infographics

- Newsletters

- Events/roadshows

For whom

- Banks

- Family Offices

- RIAs

- Private client groups

- Wealth management firms

- Fintech companies

- Hedge funds

- Private equity firms

- Accounting firms

- Industry associations

- Insurance companies

- Law firms

- Philanthropic organizations







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